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  • How to operate a cash register
    Posted in: Sales/Merchant tools

    For those starting out in the retail world, knowing how to handle a cash register is essential. Using a modern cash register is not hard but for someone with no prior experience it can take some time to do it well. In addition, any mistakes can lead to an actual financial loss and in some […]

  • Gelato: Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions
    Posted in: Business Services

    Thanks to Italy, gelato has become one of the most decadent desserts enjoyed around the world today. The rich, bold flavors of gelato are brought on by the heavy focus of milk rather than cream. Additionally, authentic gelato rarely incorporates egg yolks in its base, but if they are included, it’s usually for flavor purposes. […]

  • Four steps to maximizing the lifetime of your cash register
    Posted in: Sales/Merchant tools

    Modern cash registers are very different beasts to the ones that were first introduced all those years ago. They were mechanical devices with hundreds of moving parts. Now much like cars and other equipment are almost entirely electronic. The one component of a cash register that is still mechanical is the printer. Even then, newer […]

  • Making Sure Your Shipment Arrives Safely With Packaging Foam From Canada
    Posted in: Home Improvement

    Written by: Foam Factory, Inc. Whether you are a corporate business or a private entrepreneur, you will want to ensure that all of your packages arrive safely to your customers. Many factors play a role in product safety. The method of transportation and the shipping company’s safety methods can affect your products. Another thing that […]

  • How to Provide a 5-Star Experience at Your Ice Cream Stand
    Posted in: Tips & Advice

    These days, it’s not enough just to have an amazing product, you have to serve it to people in a way that makes them feel unique. Shop owners are finding themselves going above and beyond more and more in a quest to outdo each other, and competition is fierce. Here are a few tips to […]

  • Breaking Down the Mismanagement of Construction Claims
    Posted in: Legal Tips

    A major source of conflict in the construction industry, delay claims are easily drafted but difficult to resolve. Industry practitioners as well as researchers continue to take an in-depth look into the entire claims process to increase awareness and the incorporation of a more efficient construction claim analysis system. Time is of the Essence When […]

  • A Look Into the Success of Rogers & Cowan
    Posted in: Business Strategies

    With a proven track record already set in stone, Rogers & Cowan continues to grow business relationships on a global scale. The global marketing and communications giant, Rogers & Cowan, has set numerous industry norms. With offices in locations like London, New York, and Nashville, their public relations strategies are utilized worldwide. Accolades Rogers & […]

  • Making Your Subject Lines Sing
    Posted in: Email Marketing

    Written by eTargetMedia. Whether or not a person opens an email that your company sends often comes down to the first thing they see – the subject line. In the same way that a song on the radio only has a few seconds to catch the ear of a listener before they decide on changing […]