• What You Need to Start Android Development
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    Android app development for mobile application development is accomplished with Android Studio, the Official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the Android platform. When an application is needed for Android anyone can download this free integrated tool and begin developing source code for the app in one of the supported languages. With this and other software […]

  • The 3 best Frozen yogurt franchise chains in the US
    Posted in: Business Services

    Written by Gelato Products If you’re thinking of joining the frozen yogurt boom, you may find it difficult to choose from the long list of franchises available. Here are the top 3 frozen yogurt franchises compared to their market position, growth, investment costs and franchise terms. Menchie’s – This franchise was the first to introduce […]

  • The benefits of usings a point of sales terminal
    Posted in: Sales/Merchant tools

    Written by When it comes to selection of the cash register to be used in your store, there are several factors to consider. There are the number of items, expected transactions and any other advanced features you might need. Generally you will be advised at the cash register store, but these will determine if […]

  • Improve Search Engine Ranking with an Experienced SEO Firm
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    An essential part of any successful business is being able to reach their target market. Whether your business offers a service, such as landscaping, dental or accounting, or you sell physical or digital products, making sure that potential customers are able to find you is important. Of course, this means that when these potential customers […]

  • Ideas to Speed Up Retail Sales
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    The modern payment gateway includes much more functionality than years gone by. Today, clerks can carry a mobile device around the store with them to ring a customer up for a sale wherever they may be in the store. This had led to a revolution in retail thinking, where the customer interaction with a worker […]

  • The Benefits of Incorporating Direct Marketing in Your Strategy
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    Digital marketing can be considered the preference for business and companies today. Much of the population relies on emails and digital media for information – which only makes sense for marketers to rely on digital medium. However, direct marketing still has its benefits, regardless of what people say. Now, this isn’t to say that you […]

  • How to operate a cash register
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    Written by For those starting out in the retail world, knowing how to handle a cash register is essential. Using a modern cash register is not hard but for someone with no prior experience it can take some time to do it well. In addition, any mistakes can lead to an actual financial loss […]

  • Gelato: Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions
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    Thanks to Italy, gelato has become one of the most decadent desserts enjoyed around the world today. The rich, bold flavors of gelato are brought on by the heavy focus of milk rather than cream. Additionally, authentic gelato rarely incorporates egg yolks in its base, but if they are included, it’s usually for flavor purposes. […]

  • Four steps to maximizing the lifetime of your cash register
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    Written by Modern cash registers are very different beasts to the ones that were first introduced all those years ago. They were mechanical devices with hundreds of moving parts. Now much like cars and other equipment are almost entirely electronic. The one component of a cash register that is still mechanical is the printer. […]

  • Making Sure Your Shipment Arrives Safely With Packaging Foam From Canada
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    Written by: Foam Factory, Inc. Whether you are a corporate business or a private entrepreneur, you will want to ensure that all of your packages arrive safely to your customers. Many factors play a role in product safety. The method of transportation and the shipping company’s safety methods can affect your products. Another thing that […]