Business Idea: Coordinating School Field Trips

los-angeles-disneyOccasionally, schools need a charter bus to handle field trips. Running a fleet is quite expensive, but lots of organizations have room for a service who can step in and coordinate those types of events. If you feel like you could handle the logistics of moving 30 people throughout the city of Los Angeles, then read on for an interesting business idea in an untapped niche.

Gather Estimates

The first step in becoming an independent coordinator is to start making connections with the companies around you. Play the part of a school, and ask about the logstics behind moving students. Gather some estimates for a shuttle bus, take down a few names and make sure you call those associates back directly when you’re ready to book.

An airport bus is also great for moving sports teams. Lots of schools would benefit from cutting their travel budgets, and time spent planning the move. If you can offer competitive pricing, and you’ll have good connections for that by the time you’re ready, you can fit right into their travel budget.

Selling Your Services

The selling point for your business is simplicity, so emphasize that. When you’re making your calls, you should do some research up front and provide the decision maker an estimate of the total costs for travel, including your fee. This comes with experience, and you get that experience talking to people. This type of job is excellent for those who have spent their careers planning for corporate events, or handling major marketing venues.

Pacific Coachways specializes in booking charter bus trips for school field trips and corporate events. Call today for estimates, and to book for trips throughout Los Angeles.

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