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How to not miss a homes potential

March 05, 2013 | Posted in: Real Estate

Article Submitted By - Jerry Armen Many things can prevent you from properly measuring the potential of a home you are looking at while house hunting. Many of them are changeable, so do not get hung up on them. Look past the superficial and see the real home. You cannot change the location, so part of the real home is in it location. You can change the dingy walls or tattered and smoke covered wallpaper. Have it stripped down and slap on a couple of fresh coats of paint. This alone will make the place look like new, at least from inside. If the floors are worn, have the floorboards replaced. Even a carpet covering will help, though you may dream about the terrible floor hiding under your carpet. Better to replace the flooring itself. If the cabinetry in the kitchen looks like it belongs in your grandma's house, remember, it is simple...
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