Examples of Lucrative Business Ideas

Maybe you’ve been thinking about starting your own business. This is an excellent way to drive a good income for your family while taking the reigns of your life. Some of our most popular businesses began as just a tiny idea in someone’s mind or maybe a dream in someone’s heart.

Charlotte, NC entrepreneur Todd Collins invests in local minority-owned companies, helping build strong foundations for businesses in the real estate and technology industries. He knows a few things about the journey of an entrepreneur. Below he offers some advice:

“Building a business is hard work and it takes time and patience. But many have what it takes to meet this challenge. Be sure you are developing products or services that you feel passionate about.”

Just about any idea can be built into a successful business. It’s only a matter of finding your niche, then getting the financing to begin. You’ll need some help. Try to find a few people who share your vision. Look for ideas in the areas that you are familiar with. You wouldn’t want to create a rock climbing business if you’d never been rock climbing before.

Charlotte, NC entrepreneur Todd Collins offers this bit of advice: “It’s important to ensure that capital is going toward growth and development. Expenses not supporting business development should be avoided especially in the first two years.”

Try to follow that as a rule of thumb. Day care businesses can be very successful but this is not a good idea if you don’t like kids. Try making a list of ten things that you feel passionate about. Look it over. Ask friends for their advice. Then start looking around for financing.

From his role as founder and CEO of Red Hill Ventures and Red Hill Capital, Todd Collins has left a lasting impact on businesses in Charlotte, NC. Many local companies and charities in Charlotte, NC have benefited from the guidance and monetary support of Todd Collins.

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