Four steps to maximizing the lifetime of your cash register


Modern cash registers are very different beasts to the ones that were first introduced all those years ago. They were mechanical devices with hundreds of moving parts. Now much like cars and other equipment are almost entirely electronic. The one component of a cash register that is still mechanical is the printer. Even then, newer models have thermal printers replacing the old dot matrix printer components. Even so, these machines still require maintenance to keep operating, especially with the high duty cycles. Here are some steps to maximize the lifetime of your cash register:

Clean – Every few months take a can of compressed air blow the debris and dust out. Accumulated dirt collects inside the printer and can wear out components like the feed rollers, gears and heads.

Dry – In environments such as coffee shops, avoid handing over anything liquid to the customer over the cash register. Outdoor functions can be risky when it comes to spillage or even the elements. In those situations cover the cash register with a plastic sheet.

Ribbons – Replace empty paper rolls as soon as possible. Cash registers that do not use the new thermal printers use ink. If the machine runs out of paper then the ink can soak the feed roller and it can swell.

Roll Direction – One common mistake is to unroll the printer paper roll in the wrong direction. Unlike some other printers and papers, the direction does matter. The correct direction will mean that the paper feeds from the bottom of the roll.

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