How to choose the right tenant for your rental?

Locating the right tenant makes a landlord’s rental business successful while ensuring that their property is safe. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right tenant.

Set the right criteria – Setting your criteria before looking for a tenant will help a landlord narrow their search. Consider how much rent you want and how much income your tenant should make to afford your rent. Look at other areas like their history, criminal record, lifestyle requirements and pets.

Online rental listing – If you are placing an online listing include all the criteria you are expecting in your description and mention that you will require a rental application plus a credit report and a background check.

Property description – Ensure that your description includes all the plus points of the property and its location. Include as many photos so that potential tenants will call and want to view the property.

A correct fit – You want your tenant to fit your property, so ask them where they are living at the moment and why they are moving from their current location. Make sure potential tenants provide references from former landlords and employers.

Red flags – Tenant Screening Services, LLC says to look for red flags like potential tenants showing up late, unprepared, not showing, tenants with a disheveled appearance who are rude and disrespectful.

Correct information – To ensure a correct background check for tenants is conducted, ensure that your rental application is clear and concise.

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