How To Conduct Yourself At An Illinois Criminal Defense Lawyer Meeting

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Meeting a lawyer can be intimidating or sometimes a daunting task, but don’t let it be, if you are looking for a Illinois criminal defense lawyer chances are you have a lot on your plate to begin with. Your DUI lawyer Illinois, or any other lawyer, is there to help you, but to ease your stress you can follow a few basic guidelines to make your meeting go smoothly.

First off, ask questions before you even get there, a few basic questions will help you get a feel if you’ve found the right person. Secondly dress like you would to meet a new boss, it not only will make a good impression later on in court but it shows respect. Be ready to pay your lawyer, even if you change your mind, it’s important not to waste their time just like you don’t want them to waste yours. Share your relevant information to your lawyer, even if you don’t hire them then you still get the attorney-client privilege so being honest is in your best interest. It’s possible the lawyer may offer up alternative for your course of action, be open minded and take notes if you need too. The more they know, the more they can help you.

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