How to operate a cash register

2For those starting out in the retail world, knowing how to handle a cash register is essential. Using a modern cash register is not hard but for someone with no prior experience it can take some time to do it well. In addition, any mistakes can lead to an actual financial loss and in some cases such mistakes are charged to the employee. Here are basic instructions on how to operate a cash register:

First up is to prepare the register for use. Most cash registers will have REG position on the mode switch. Enter your employee code and ensure that there is enough roll to print receipts. Now unlock the cash drawer and get the general set of bills and change ready.

When a customer comes, scan the items they want to purchase. Keep an eye out for multiple charges. If a coupon in present scan it in with the barcode or once verified enter the discount manually with the discount key. Now hit total and hand over the receipt and change to the customer.

These basics should give you an idea of what to expect and maybe some confidence on a first day of training to operate  cash register.

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