How to Perform Competitive Research for Display Advertising

When you are launching a display advertising campaign, every aspect of your ad is crucial to achieving that conversion. If you can narrow down what works with your ads then you can sell more effectively. The best method you have for getting started in a new market is what your competition is doing, so competitive research gives you a huge advantage.

You can learn a lot just by using Google, but you will need to dig into some other sources too. Here are some tips to help you look deeper into your target market.

Start with Google

Perform some basic research related to your target market. Try to look for major blogs that discuss the products you’re selling, or see if you can find Facebook fan pages or official websites. Take note of the copy you find there and get a feel for the general attitudes toward your product. Look for ads that mention your product, and make special note of copy and images used on banner advertising.

Formulate Messaging

Once you know more about what your audience responds to, you can work on fine tuning your messaging. Banner advertising requires text and images to work together, so test some designs on paper before you build and deploy. Try to base your work off of your competition, altering only the elements that apply to your own work. The final step is deployment, which is your opportunity to see if your work will pay off.

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