Mattress replacement: The benefits of switching from spring to foam

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Have you slept on spring mattresses your whole life? There are several reasons why it might be time for a switch. First, spring mattresses are not adaptable to different sleeper’s body types. With a spring mattress, what you see is what you get. Spring mattresses have a set level of firmness and if it’s too firm for you, you can’t change how it feels. Spring mattresses’ non-malleable nature could mean that every night, you are not getting the spine alignment you need and that you will never find relief from your pressure points that poke into the bedding. In contrast, foam mattresses change their shape according to the contours of your body, so that every sleeper gets personalized treatment for the right balance of comfort, support, and spinal alignment.

Secondly, spring mattresses are much less resilient and more high maintenance. Spring mattresses have a tendency to sag much earlier in their life span and they usually need to be replaced more often than foam mattresses. Every mattress eventually breaks down from wear and tear, but spring mattresses’ rigid coils cause them to buckle under continued pressure from body weight. In fact, most spring mattresses begin to sag after a year, since they typically lose around 16% of their support over the course of a year. In addition to providing more personalized comfort, foam mattresses won’t have to be flipped or replaced as much as spring mattresses. You can sleep soundly without any maintenance hassles.

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