Shipping packages with custom foam inserts

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

When you are moving out, travelling or shipping your personal belongings, you would need a reliable damage and shock protection for your goods. Custom foam inserts could provide an ideal cushioning for miscellaneous goods such as glassware, china, electronics, cameras or musical instruments.

You can usually order foam inserts for your box to add a protective layer for your goods. This type of foam protection is convenient when packing and shipping particularly breakable, perishable or fragile items. Certain custom foam packaging can be made to adapt to your packaging needs so that your products would fit in them perfectly without the risk of motion.

Electronic goods such as resistors, computer chips and circuit boards would have to be wrapped in anti-static foam inserts made of open-cell foam. Static energy could damage these goods if not protected. Certain convoluted foam inserts that look like egg crates provide a good stability and protects your package against movement. These convoluted foam act as good cushions and have a good resistance to impact, thus limiting the risk of breakage.

Opting for a lightweight foam for your packages would be a good idea as it minimises freight and shipping costs. Add extra layers of foam pads to your packages to ensure that there is a good protection against any form of vibration, compaction or shock when the goods are handled while in transit or storage.

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