The Best Way to Improve Office Culture You’ve Never Thought Of

Now that the decadent age of start-up culture has begun dwindling, office managers are looking for innovative ways to encourage an office environment that are socially satisfying and facilitate collaboration, without sacrificing productivity and efficiency. Beanbag chairs and pool tables certainly provide gathering spaces, but there are other ways to help your staff interact. Incorporating transoms into your office design can enhance office culture in a few surprising ways.

Easy Breezy

Transoms can be installed in drywall, or included above door sections or door panels in demountable architectural wall set-ups. Transoms leading into private offices allow in more light and airflow, even when the door has been closed for privacy or efficiency purposes. This allows workers to have greater control over the noise level in their office. Workers who open their transoms have a literal “window” into the central shared environment. This helps workers stay on top of events and gatherings while still blocking out noise from one or two socializing coworkers.

The Right to Disengage

With this kind of freedom, workers feel truly able to engage at will. This means also offering workers the ability to disengage smoothly and return to work or shift tasks. Start-up culture may laud collaboration, but efficiency thrives when workers are able to determine their level of engagement according to the task at hand. A workbench set-up may be perfect for brainstorming and a nightmare for coding.

Perks of Management

With a closed door and an open transom, staff members are able to communicate that they are present and listening if needed, without immersing them in unwanted white noise. In a similar way, an open transom can help an employee feel more comfortable approaching a manager or supervisor even if the door is closed. This is great for managers who need sound dampening but do not wish to discourage employees from approaching them.

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