What You Need to Start Android Development

android-development-what-you-needAndroid app development for mobile application development is accomplished with Android Studio, the Official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the Android platform. When an application is needed for Android anyone can download this free integrated tool and begin developing source code for the app in one of the supported languages. With this and other software development tools, anyone who knows how to program in Java, or optionally in C, C++, or BASIC, can quickly and effectively create any app that can be deployed for any Android device.

Most developers use only the Java programming language for app development Los Angeles. The language used depends upon the operating environment and which languages are supported by the Software Development Kit (SDK). When Java is used, the Java Software Development Kit (JDK) is needed. And, whichever language an app is programmed in, it must be tested on an actual Android device or at least a virtual Android device emulator.

For those developers who would rather code in the C or C++ programming languages when they are mobile app developers Los Angeles, there is the Android Native Development Kit (NDK). It is somewhat frowned upon by many in the industry to code in anything but Java. However it is certainly do able. For those that prefer the BASIC programming language, there is the Basic4Android IDE.

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