Why Mobile 4G Internet is Better for Rural Gaming than Satellite Internet

Your gaming options may depend on where you reside. Without cable, fiber optic, or broadband Internet in rural areas, you may only have alternative rural Internet service providers such as satellite Internet companies as a viable option. However, due to high latency, satellite Internet from companies such as HughesNet or Viasat doesn’t offer optimal results for gaming purposes.

Satellite Internet is notorious for its high latency, and latency often causes lag and rubberbanding. Lag is fine for certain video games but can quickly become an issue for real-time multiplayer and other titles that require quick responses. Furthermore, downloading new games may take quite some time and even cause you to exceed your monthly data limit, since there are very few satellite Internet providers that truly offer unlimited satellite Internet.

One possible solution would be switching from satellite Internet to cellular-based 4G technology, which is offered by companies such as UbiFi. If you have a good spot within the coverage area of a company like UbiFi, you may even experience superior speeds compared with satellite Internet. Furthermore, setting it up will be simpler; all you need is an appropriate device and access to a strong signal from a nearby cell tower.

And unlike satellite Internet, cellular-based connections don’t require ground-laid infrastructure in your home to function – all that’s necessary to connect is a device capable of accessing the network. You can purchase a 4G LTE router from Internet service providers like UbiFi today. Be sure to do some research to confirm whether or not your home is within your chosen Internet provider’s coverage area before signing up for Internet service.

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