Why Mobile 4G Internet May Be Your Only Choice for Rural Gaming

In light of the much-publicized rural Internet issues, it may look impossible to find a suitable Internet provider for online gaming. However, there are several reasons why 4G mobile Internet provided by companies such as UbiFi is the best Internet for rural gaming.

In an ordinary situation, fiber optic Internet is considered the best type of Internet for online gaming because of the speed and reliability that it provides. However, not everyone in America has access to this type of Internet. Fiber optic Internet is currently only available in a set number of states, and rural America lacks the infrastructure to support fiber optic Internet and other types of broadband connection.

Because of this, rural residents should look for the best alternative rural Internet service providers that can handle the rigors of demanding online games. Any avid player knows that having low-latency Internet can mean the difference between victory and defeat. High latency can result in frustrating issues such as lag and rubberbanding, which can throw off your timing and/or aim. Lag and rubberbanding can give you a significant disadvantage and cause you to lose matches that your skill level should allow you to win.

For this reason, satellite Internet is out of the question because of its naturally high levels of latency. In contrast, mobile Internet providers like UbiFi use cell towers to provide high-speed Internet with low latency to rural households. Be sure to check if UbiFi or any other mobile Internet company covers your area before signing up for one since your Internet connection’s performance can be affected by how close you are to your provider’s cell towers.

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