Why you should get an international insurance plan when travelling

Article written by Future Finance Solutions

Traveling internationally involves risk, whether you travel for business or pleasure. An emergency, while traveling, may require care, hospitalization or medical evacuation. Or you may need family members to come to your aid during a personal emergency while traveling.

Without adequate travel health insurance, you may be exposed to significant financial liability. Consider these facts:

  • Most US Insurance companies, HMO’s or PPO’s do not provide adequate travel health insurance for client traveling overseas

  • Medicare does not cover clients traveling outside of the United States and recommends consideration of a separate travel health insurance policy.

  • Foreign visitors and new immigrants do not qualify for most domestic health insurance and a travel health insurance plan can bridge those gaps in coverage.

  • 25% of travelers require some type of significant medical care while traveling. International medical evacuation and air ambulance can cost over $90,000!

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