Avoiding bad reviews

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In the modern internet world, providing excellent customer service is key as a bad review can influence many customers. Although businesses will try their best to provide excellent customer service, there are times when a business will not meet customer expectations.

Bad reviews can be discouraging for a business but are a common occurrence. However, reducing the number of bad reviews can make good business sense and help to build a strong customer relationship.

The following tips can help reduce a business’s bad reviews while improving customer service procedures.

Follow up after a sale – Asking a customer for feedback as soon as a purchase is completed, will help to identify service and product issues before a review is written.

Make complaining easy – Providing an outlet for consumers to complain can give the business more control about where reviews are written and who sees them.

Follow up on complaints – As soon as a business receives a complaint, look at replying with a response which informs the customer that you are looking into the matter. If a customer knows that their complaint is being considered, they are less likely to write a negative review.

Respond online – When a negative review is seen, reply to the customer online, requesting the customer to reach a customer service representative by phone or email. Steering the conversation offline will help the business take control of the review. Once the issue has been addressed, inform the customer that such a review will hurt the business and request for the review to be removed. If a customer has been dealt with correctly, they would be happy to remove the review.

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