Book Review: Create Abundance – The Teachings of Zhang Xinyue

Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue shows us the steps to overcoming a sense of shame. Readers will learn how this comes on us as children in many cases and how we might carry it through our lives and even pass it on to our children.

Where Does the Sense of Shame Come From?

As kids, we often do things that upset our parents. Though they may not be aware of this, they can begin instilling a sense of shame in us. Perhaps a child left food out on the counter and that caused ants. Now the father is very angry and blames the child for being lazy. These little events can follow us throughout our lifetime. We might even still be affected as we get older by little things our parents said to us.

The sense of shame usually begins in childhood and may continue for many years. As adults, we must find these areas of our lives and make corrections. We must realize that we’re all human and prone to make mistakes. No one is perfect, especially not children. Though they don’t do these things on purpose, they do often make mistakes.

Once you reach adulthood, examine your way of thinking and try to uncover those areas where you might have a sense of shame. We know these areas can make us unhappy. Identify them and then forgive yourself. We’re all allowed to make mistakes. No one should be expected to be perfect in every way.

Zhang Xinyue offers many other teachings in the book, Create Abundance.

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