Is it More Productive to Work from the Office or Home?

There are many reasons why working from home can be more productive than at an office and one is that when you work at home you have more control over your environment. Lucy Lyle, co-founder of perch, has demonstrated that you can change anything that is prohibiting your output, and thus have the opportunity to increase your level of production.

At the office, there are many more distractions such as conversations with co-workers, noise, and impromptu meetings. At a home office, these distractions are reduced, if you do find interference with your work output you will need to find ways to get organized.

“If you’re a procrastinator or your house has a lot of distractions in it, it might be harder to get what you want out of remote work. You’ll only be more productive if you’re willing to get organized and set boundaries.” says Lucy Lyle “Know yourself before you commit to a remote work routine,” Lucy Lyle advised.

Stress levels are reduced considerably when working from home; this is due to being comfortable in your environment and not having to rely on external variables that could cause more stress. These can include traffic or other delays on the way to work causing stress before you even arrive at the office. Sometimes personalities clash which also can contribute to stress due to arguments, disagreements, or conflicts of another sort. with co-workers.

When employees are happy and feel like they can have a say in how their day is structured you will find that it is more productive to have a remote team. Being organized and keeping a regular schedule will help to keep your quality of work and production high.

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