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  • How to Ease the Pain of Construction Delays
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    Written by: Lyle Charles Consulting Delaying a project can cause some serious financial repercussions. What may be insignificant delays can actually cause a domino effect that eventually leads to a large amount of lost revenue and construction delay claims. Be Prepared for Anything Unfortunately, delays occur in almost every construction site. It’s important to document […]

  • The Sherman Act Applied
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    Article written by A Tech Inc In the 90s, there was a case of antitrust that presented an interesting debate. A company called Spectrum Sports was in dispute with a particular distributor over parts that were manufactured. Spectrum Sports held the patent over a particular polymer used to create sporting goods, which  Sorboturf Enterprises sought […]

  • Cases for and Against Public Debt
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    By Phineas Upham Public debt is a serious topic for discussion in today’s discourse, but that’s something that hasn’t changed in many years. Well-informed Americans have been discussing public debt, and fall into one of two separate categories: pessimists and optimists. As you can imagine, both sides present very different outlooks with regards to public […]

  • The Founder of the Girl Scouts of America
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    By Samuel Phineas Upham The Girl Scouts of America was founded by Juliette Gordon Low, or as her friends called her “Daisy.” Daisy was a socialite, who was born in Savannah, Georgia. She grew up as part of the elite class of people there, and married a millionaire. When her husband died, she set out […]

  • Maximizing the Reach of Your Ads
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    Advertisers need to expand their reach if they hope to keep profit margins high enough to continue doing business. This drives much of the innovation one sees in ads themselves, but more often than not reach comes down to expanding potential audience members. Brainstorming and researching new campaigns is expensive, but finding more traffic sources […]

  • Levi Strauss: A Clothing Success
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    By Samuel Phineas Upham Levi Strauss was a German-born clothing maker who found success selling heavy-duty pants made for work. Today, we would call them jeans and wear them to a club. People of yesteryear used them in factories and on farms. Fashion has certainly changed over time. Levi’s began operating in 1872 thanks to […]

  • Burberry: The Outfitter of Explorers and Businessmen
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    By Samuel Phineas Upham Thomas Burberry wanted to go from apprentice to professional, and was set to do so in grand style. The 21-year old opened his own clothing store in the town of Basingstoke in Hampshire, England. Within its first 14 years of business, the company began focusing on outdoor wear. It introduced gabardine, […]

  • How a Buy-Side Platform Works
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    Marketers with a campaign they want to display need quality placements to host their content. One could go site by site, asking for advertising space, but this is far more time-consuming than working with what is known as a buy-side platform. A buy-side platform can deliver high quality traffic, segmented by multiple demographics. It’s the […]

  • Use This Tip to Bump Your Mobile Advertising
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    Localization is one of the fastest growing aspects of the mobile market. Users are acting on offers quickly, and geotargeting has evolved at a rapid pace to keep up with these changes. As a result, localization, and localizing offers, has become one of the most important aspects of managing your mobile campaigns. With localization, you […]

  • Modern Office Design Ideas
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    Today’s worker has come to expect a unique work environment, and the right kind of improvements can do wonders to increase worker engagement. Being an attractive place to work is one of the key ideas behind building company culture, so an office with all the modern comforts is essential if you expect to retain quality […]