• How to Start a Medical Marijuana Business in California
    Posted in: Legal Tips

    Article Provided by Elon Berk California’s passage of SB 420 has allowed more business growth for the legal, recreation marijuana industry. If you’re thinking of opening your doors, you may want to do some reading on the legalities first. The industry is still highly regulated, and has what you might call a slow rollout. Here’s […]

  • Top Money-Making Tips for Auto Rental Business Owners
    Posted in: Travel

    Summary: Looking for ways to boost profitability? These tips will guide you towards financial freedom and success. Starting an auto rental business may sound like a savvy business opportunity, but it also requires managerial prowess and a continuous drive to containing costs. Or, you could find yourself wasting money on your car fleet. New business […]

  • Why You Should Treat Your Clients to a Comfortable Meeting
    Posted in: Furniture

    Summary: First impressions mean everything in today’s business world. Make sure you reinforce yours by doing some redecorating. If you’re a business owner, you want to make a solid first impression for any prospective client that walks into your door. Now, obviously your pitch and how you present yourself are two major factors, but another […]

  • Can A Plane Operate Without an APU?
    Posted in: Industrial and Manufacturing

    Summary: Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) are common in today’s commercial airliners. One question that’s often asked by aviation enthusiasts and onlookers alike are whether or not airplanes can operate without an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU). The answer is yes, you can. If the APU is not operating, maintenance will operate under the stipulations of the […]

  • How to choose the right tenant for your rental?
    Posted in: Business Services

    Locating the right tenant makes a landlord’s rental business successful while ensuring that their property is safe. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right tenant. Set the right criteria – Setting your criteria before looking for a tenant will help a landlord narrow their search. Consider how much rent you want […]

  • Discussing the Importance of Recordkeeping for Small Businesses
    Posted in: Business Strategies, Education

    Article submitted by Barry K. Rothman In the business world, it’s essential to keep track of your business to avoid detrimental legal issues. Successful Recordkeeping Recordkeeping is one of the most important crucial aspects to running a successful business. It’s honestly just as important as remaining on the legal side of actually doing business. You […]

  • A guide to opening an ice cream shop
    Posted in: Business Services

    Opening an ice cream shop is an attainable dream and one that can be quite financially rewarding. Here are some areas that need to be considered. Your product – If you’re planning on opening an ice cream shop, you need to be passionate about ice cream. You will have to know and pay close attention […]

  • The Future Freelance Economy: Moving Money Around the World
    Posted in: Business Services, Technology

    Freelancers are the new globalized workforce, and a workforce needs to be paid. The future economy will involve moving money around digitally, to wallets that are kept online, for users who may utilize their smartphones as a means to pay. Sound complex? Here is how credit card merchant account businesses and individuals fit into the […]