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  • Tips for Marketing to Mobile Device Users
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    Written by eTargetMedia. If you are using email as a marketing tool, you need to be considering the impact of mobile. More people are using smartphones and tablets as their primary way to surf the Internet and check their emails and social media accounts. In fact, multiple surveys have shown that more than 50 percent […]

  • Self Checkouts: How they Work and How They Benefit You
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    Self checkouts are one of the biggest changes to come to the POS industry in recent years. POS developers have remained focused on creating a touchscreen interface that is intuitive. Those systems are now so good at what they do that customers can do the job of the cashier in newly developed self-checkout stations. How […]

  • Common Construction Claims
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    Summary: Construction disputes arise over all aspects of project management. Construction disputes are becoming even more common as the economy slowly drags itself out of a slump. Project managers are expected to accomplish more with fewer resources, and so are less willing to make compromises in other areas. There may be pressure to do a […]

  • Create the Path You Want to Follow
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    Written by Dr. Eric Amidi. People often talk about trying to follow the “path to success.” It’s a way for people to express that they are attempting to determine which steps they need to take in order to fulfill their life goals. While it’s understandable why people want a concrete way to get from Point […]