Common Construction Claims

Summary: Construction disputes arise over all aspects of project management.

Construction disputes are becoming even more common as the economy slowly drags itself out of a slump. Project managers are expected to accomplish more with fewer resources, and so are less willing to make compromises in other areas. There may be pressure to do a certain job to save a business, or just circumstances out of your control. Whatever the case, construction claim preparation is not an easy task. Here are some of the common disputes companies face as they complete their projects.

Disputes Over Planning

Contracts are difficult to negotiate over. You need to consider the time frame for your project, and the materials the client is ordering. Everything must be delivered as specified, and it must be completed within the time frame. Planning also includes the site itself, so it’s important for owners to provide the most accurate descriptions of the site so the contractor isn’t dealing with unexpected circumstances.

Drawings are also included in this phase, so everything must be done properly with all measurements and equations performed accurately. There is a phase where drawings are checked with city planners, but this is not an editorial process. You should be prepared to hand in completed diagrams that are designed to scale.

Change Orders

Construction delay claims typically arise when one party needs to change the scope of the contract for one reason or another. The owner may request changes to the material ordered, or the contractor may request time extensions to get work done. The dispute arises when both parties fail to come to some sort of agreement regarding the changes.

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