• Understanding the Right Time to Seek Dental Malpractice Information
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    Instances of patients experiencing harm from dental procedures are becoming more common. The reasons behind these incidents can vary, including factors like dentists with inadequate training, a lack of oversight in the industry, a high volume of cases, or instances of carelessness and distraction. It’s important to acknowledge that dentists, despite their extensive training, are […]

  • When Dental Crowns and Bridges Go Wrong
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    Blog submitted by Dane Levy, Attorney of, a provider of legal services for those injured by dental malpractice in California Dental crowns and bridges are wonders of modern-day technology. Many centuries ago, individuals with dental problems were unable to replace missing or damaged teeth with artificial teeth and dental implants constructed from high-quality materials […]

  • Dental Malpractice Attorney Los Angeles Wins Cases
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    Blog submitted by Dane Levy Attorney of When you need a dental malpractice attorney in California, please call Dane Levy for assistance. Dental crowns and bridges are permanent prosthetic devices. Your dentist must put in a crown or bridge and only a dentist can remove one. They are cemented onto existing teeth and meant to […]