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Dental crowns and bridges are permanent prosthetic devices. Your dentist must put in a crown or bridge and only a dentist can remove one. They are cemented onto existing teeth and meant to be a permanent solution.

How Crowns Work
Crowns are used to cover a damaged tooth. They not only improve the appearance of teeth, but can also strengthen a damaged tooth. A crown is sometimes placed over an dental implant to give it a tooth-like look and structure. Your dentist will match the color of porcelain or ceramic crowns to that of your natural teeth. Crowns can also be constructed of gold and metal alloys, ceramic and acrylic. Alloys are sometimes recommended for back teeth because they’re stronger than porcelain.

There are many instances where your dentist might recommend a crown, including:

To protect a weak tooth from fracturing

To cover a dental implant

To attach a bridge

To improve the appearance of an ugly tooth

As a covering for a tooth that has had a root canal

Though these procedures have helped so many patients improve their smile and ability to eat their favorite foods, there have been cases where the procedure was done wrong leaving the patient in pain. If this has happened to you, then you know how embarrassing it can be, not to mention the suffering.

More and more dental patients are reporting problems with dental implants, braces, extractions and crowns. When the dentist fails to deliver the right treatment and leaves a patient hurting, they must take legal action.

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