Popular options for a smile makeover

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A beautiful smile can build confidence, make you seem more approachable, and help improve work and social situations. Smile makeovers have become popular as more people understand that achieving a beautiful smile can be painless and affordable.

There are many other benefits that a well-aligned smile can offer. For one straight teeth can be easier to clean and are less likely to decay. In most instances, an initial dental appointment will involve assessing the health of a patient’s teeth, gums, and mouth which can include X-rays and making teeth molds. The cost of a smile makeover will greatly depend on the patient’s current set of teeth and their expectations.

Here are some smile makeover options that can change your smile.

Color – White teeth can provide an instant brightness to a smile. Teeth whitening procedures are also painless and require only 1-3 dental visits. They are also one of the most affordable dental treatments offering instant results.

Symmetry – Balancing the left and right sides of the mouth can involve fixing chipped, jagged, or uneven teeth. These procedures involve composite infills, crowns, and veneers.

Straightening– There are many options available for adults to straighten their teeth which include Invisalign and invisible metal braces.

Filling gaps – Teeth tend to move and shift as a person ages which can result in gaps. Gaps not only affect the appearance of your teeth but cause food particles to lodge in between the spaces causing plaque, decay, and cavities. Treatments such as a bridge, composite, or veneers are recommended to fill in gaps.

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