• When Should You Search for Dental Malpractice Information?
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    Dental care is essential for maintaining overall health and well-being. However, there are instances where dental procedures can go wrong, leading to significant harm. Understanding when to search for dental malpractice information is crucial for protecting your rights and seeking appropriate redress. Here are key scenarios where investigating dental malpractice is warranted. Unexpected Complications Post-Treatment […]

  • Understanding When to Pursue Dental Malpractice Information
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    Instances of patients experiencing harm from dental procedures are regrettably on the rise. Despite dentists’ extensive training, various factors like fatigue, distractions, or even personal issues can compromise their performance, leading to errors that result in patient harm. This growing trend underscores the importance of knowing when and how to seek dental malpractice information. Consequences […]

  • Understanding the Right Time to Seek Dental Malpractice Information
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    Instances of patients experiencing harm from dental procedures are becoming more common. The reasons behind these incidents can vary, including factors like dentists with inadequate training, a lack of oversight in the industry, a high volume of cases, or instances of carelessness and distraction. It’s important to acknowledge that dentists, despite their extensive training, are […]

  • When Dental Crowns and Bridges Go Wrong
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    Blog submitted by Dane Levy, Attorney of, a provider of legal services for those injured by dental malpractice in California Dental crowns and bridges are wonders of modern-day technology. Many centuries ago, individuals with dental problems were unable to replace missing or damaged teeth with artificial teeth and dental implants constructed from high-quality materials […]

  • How your teeth change as you age
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    Article written byElite Dental Group As a person ages, their body including their teeth changes due to wear and tear. However, if you maintain good oral habits, your teeth can still be in exceptional shape as you age. Apart from visiting a dentist twice annually, here are some simple habits that can help a person […]

  • How California’s DIY Orthodontics Laws Have Changed
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    Article By Remarkable Smiles Orthodontics.   The DIY orthodontics industry is booming but there have been so many complaints against these companies. That’s why California Assembly Bill 1519 was signed into law. DIY braces cost half what regular braces cost. But there are some inherent problems. We list a few of those issues below. Without regular checkups […]

  • Popular options for a smile makeover
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    Article written by Elite Dental Group. A beautiful smile can build confidence, make you seem more approachable, and help improve work and social situations. Smile makeovers have become popular as more people understand that achieving a beautiful smile can be painless and affordable. There are many other benefits that a well-aligned smile can offer. For one […]

  • Dental Malpractice Attorney Los Angeles Wins Cases
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    Blog submitted by Dane Levy Attorney of When you need a dental malpractice attorney in California, please call Dane Levy for assistance. Dental crowns and bridges are permanent prosthetic devices. Your dentist must put in a crown or bridge and only a dentist can remove one. They are cemented onto existing teeth and meant to […]