Tips for Marketing to Mobile Device Users

Tips-for-Marketing-to-Mobile-Device-UsersWritten by iClimber.

If you are using email as a marketing tool, you need to be considering the impact of mobile. More people are using smartphones and tablets as their primary way to surf the Internet and check their emails and social media accounts. In fact, multiple surveys have shown that more than 50 percent of all emails are now opened on a mobile device.

It’s important that you take this information into consideration as you are developing your email marketing campaigns. You’ll need to take into account how your emails will look on a mobile device and how people on these devices want to receive information. Here are a few of the biggest considerations for marketing to mobile users:

Design Considerations: Reading an email on a mobile device means having a smaller screen. If a person has to scroll to see the entire email message, they likely won’t bother. For this reason, many companies are switching to a one-column email design that can easily be read on a mobile device without having to scroll or resize the screen.

Responsive Landing Pages: It’s important to direct readers of your emails to landing pages that are designed to capture readers and convert them into customers. You can make these landing pages more mobile-friendly by using responsive design that will automatically change the layout of the page for a mobile device. Companies such as iClimber that do landing page design can help you with this strategy.

Text and Images: Having a lot of text in an email can make it difficult for mobile viewers to read. Emails with lots of images pose a different problem, as they can take a long time to load. Aim for a design that is clean and uses as few blocks of text and images as possible.

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