5 Ways to Protect Your Hearing

Treat your body with respect. It’s the only one you have and when it’s damaged it takes time and energy to repair. Your hearing is one such organ that needs precious care. If you want to keep your hearing in tip-top shape here are some ideas and suggestions to follow.

# 1 Did you know that smoking and hearing loss are interconnected? Smoking slows oxygen to the cells and brain and because of this studies are showing that this impacts hearing loss due to years of exposure to nicotine and carbon monoxide. 10 Cigarettes a day can put you at risk of high-frequency hearing loss. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-hearing-smoking-idUSKCN1GQ2FJ

# 2 Yoga is an excellent way to create blood flow through the body with different stretching exercises especially the downward dog which is guaranteed to get oxygenated blood to your head area which may help your hearing.

# 3 Interestingly ear wax can potentially affect your hearing. It is wise to visit a doctor who can professionally remove any wax build-up. Should you be experiencing some hearing loss and have invested in a Hue Hearing aid they are supplied with a wax guard.

# 4 There are many exercises that can be followed to maintain healthy hearing one such exercise is to play music at a low volume in a room and walk around the home trying to identify musical instruments and words from the songs playing. This brain training is for location and ease of listening.

#5 Managing your hearing loss may result in purchasing a hearing aid with all the options available. You will be spoilt for choice Visit HueHearing.com to find out more info on an adjustable device for you.

Many people have opted to wear discreet comfortable hearing aids that help with mild to severe hearing loss and have this to say at HueHearing Reviews in regards to the quality and value .

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