A Look Into the Success of Rogers & Cowan

With a proven track record already set in stone, Rogers & Cowan continues to grow business relationships on a global scale.

The global marketing and communications giant, Rogers & Cowan, has set numerous industry norms. With offices in locations like London, New York, and Nashville, their public relations strategies are utilized worldwide.


Rogers & Cowan has quite the impressive resume, as evidenced by the many accolades. They were the first to endorse brand placement on celebrities on the red carpet. This technique has caught on and is now a staple at prestigious events. Additionally, they were also responsible for merging brands with entertainment through the use of marketable stories.

Marketing Strategy

Although Rogers & Cowan connects with mass markets, they also specialize in niche markets as well. Their goal to search for audience passions still resonates today.

Strategic social media marketing plays a large role as it acts as a medium to promote audience interests in a creative and marketing-friendly way. Rogers & Cowan understands that Hollywood is still a force in global influence and that by tying in company branding there could be a huge boost in consumerism.

A Platform For Growth

Clients can expect Rogers & Cowan to assist them in creating a strong platform for social media. Their experienced marketing specialists study current trends and incorporate strategies within to successfully reach out to the client’s audience. This has proven successful as their campaigns have lifted their clients reach and helped market their brand.

Steve Doctrow, the Executive Vice President of Entertainment Marketing, has successfully created campaigns for Rogers & Cowan that earned the company multiple PRISM Awards from the Public Relations Society of America. Doctrow and his team continue to innovate and promote business relationships on a worldwide level.

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