Different types of ice cream containers

The ice cream container you choose will need to reflect the needs, price points and the lifestyle of your consumers. Here are five ice cream container ideas for your ice cream brand.

Single serve solutions – Single serving ice cream containers come in sizes from 2.5 to 12 Fl. oz. These sizes are best for premium varieties that are expensive, target markets that are price conscious or for products targeted at children.

Plastic fluted cups – Plastic flute cups are convenient and suitable for all ages. Add colored plastic spoons, so that your customers can enjoy their treats with ease.

Novelty cartons – For products targeted at children, look at packaging in the form of sticks, cups, and squeeze tubes. Such products will market well with fun graphics, specialty folds, and embossing.

Take home containers – Take home containers are perfect to share with family and friends. Look for designs that are round, oval, custom made, short, or tall to give your product prominence.

Ice cream cartons – Ice cream cartons are cost effective and ensure freshness.

Bulk ice cream – Bulk ice cream containers are best for large families or large functions. Look at size with an easy carry container to ensure that your customer can carry and refrigerate your product safely.

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