How Staying Green Keeps Your Business from Wilting

Keeping a home energy efficient is one thing, but keeping an entire business properly ventilated, insulated, and customer-friendly has its own unique array of troubles. Heat loss in cold climates can leave customers chilly and unhappy. Cold loss in hot climates can make customers sweaty and ornery. Workers and owners suffer alongside them, but there are many ways to turn this situation around. Try taking a second look at how your doors and windows can be losing you money and customers, and how to stop it.

If You Can’t Handle the Heat, There’s the Door

Seriously, try taking a look at your doors if you are reevaluating the energy efficiency of your small business. Sometimes the best offense is a good defense. Check where the door is sealed against the wall to make sure there are no openings into your insulation. Door jambs can be another troublemaker, ensuring there are proper sealing jambs at all doors to the outside keeps your climate in control. If your doors are susceptible to being left ajar, consider investing in door closers that automatically pull doors shut and prevent avoidable energy loss. It may be a good idea to schedule regular monthly or annual door and window checks with your maintenance personnel.

When One Door Shuts…

Heat will always find a window, whether to get into or out of your building. There are many treatments for windows that are of special interest for businesses in warm and stormy climates. Storm windows not only protect your glass during inclement weather, they offer an additional bump to thermal efficiency. Solar screens can be a boon for customers and restaurant patrons, providing a more comfortable environment without feeling closed in by shades or shutters.

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