Love Your Life of Abundance

Article by Zhang Xinyue

Abundance can be found in life itself. If you think about it, the entire universe is abundant in resources. Our planet is abundant in the way that it recreates itself. Think about each breath that you take. Though each one of us take so many breaths each day, there is still plenty of air left for everyone. We each drink water daily and yet there is still so much water on our planet. In fact, about 71% of the earth’s surface is water.

But that’s not all. There are millions of trees of all kinds and millions of plants. There are millions of insects and animals. Our planet is alive and constantly renewing itself. Mankind also reproduces itself sometimes at alarming rates. When we look at all the abundant resources available to us, it’s difficult to see why there is so much lack and poverty. It defies logic for there to be lack on a planet that has so many resources.

Success is a Mindset

Philosophers and scientists have investigated this for centuries and have come to some conclusions. Most believe that lack and poverty is a mindset, just as abundance and success are. Some people expect there to be lack and poverty in their life, while others believe they will be successful, happy and prosperous.

The entire matter boils down to what we believe. If you think and believe that you will be prosperous and happy, then you will attract abundance. But if you expect poverty then that’s what you’ll get. That makes it important for each of us to adjust the way we think so that we are always believing for the best in our lives.

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