The San Juan Islands – America’s hidden gem

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The San Juan Islands are a group of 172 islands located in the northwest corner of Washington State. They are known for their natural beauty, and are a popular tourist destination.

The San Juans consist of three main island groups: the northern San Juans, the central San Juans, and the southern San Juans. Each group has its own unique character and charm. The northern islands are rugged and sparsely populated, while the southern islands are lush and heavily forested.

One of the best ways to experience the beauty of the San Juan Islands is by taking a ferry ride from Anacortes to Friday Harbor or Sidney, British Columbia. The views from aboard ship are simply stunning, with snow-capped mountains in view at all times. There is also plenty to see on shore; each island has its own distinct landscape features that make it worth exploring.

So if you’re looking for an amazing Northwest getaway that’s close to home, be sure to check out America’s hidden gem – the beautifulSan Juan Islands! And its many luxury san juan cabin rentals.

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