The True Costs of Remodeling

Everyone has seen those home improvement shows that seem to portray a couple revamping their home to turn it into the home of their dreams. These shows are there to glamorize the event, and to get you thinking about improvements you can make to your own home. They are not for price comparison, and they rarely portray the proper price anyway.

If you plan to do some remodeling, here are some practical ideas on places you can start with a few ball park figures of the costs to make those improvements.

Doors and Windows

Doors are one of the best things you can do increase curb appeal of your home. A garage door is one overlooked improvement that tends to offer more value than other parts of the home. A majority of home owners use the garage door as the primary entrance to the home, so it’s more valuable as a selling point than the front door. The costs are also typically less than $2,000, so they are affordable replacements with long term value.

Windows that are double pane offer greater insulation, and prevent hot and cold air from leaving the home. The costs to replace a window tend to vary by size, but a few thousand dollars is usually sufficient to replace the windows on the front of the home.

Gardening and Landscaping

Aside from the front door, your landscaping is the next most attractive aspect of the home. You should concentrate on creating an attractive landscape that isn’t too busy. It may also benefit you to install drought resistant plant life that won’t cost the new owner much to maintain.

Today’s home shopper wants a package deal that offers long term savings and a home that is move-in ready. Replacing some of the important fixtures in your home will give you a competitive selling advantage in the market.


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