You Cannot Flee from Yourself

The universe is full of abundance. It springs up everywhere and we are all part of this great abundance. We are all part of the miracle. Pause and take a moment to give thanks for being alive. You are breathing and living along with all the animals, trees, sea creatures and birds. You are part of the cycle of life, and you have a right to experience abundance in each area of your life.

Teacher and spiritualist, Zhang Xinyue reminds us that: “Every tiny advancement in a relationship has already brought a big leap forward in social progress.”

Zhang Xinyue works with business leaders and all those who are ready to improve their relationships. She believes we must begin with the relationship we have with ourselves. Often, we are too hard on ourselves. We refuse to forgive ourselves for past wrongs. We cannot love and accept those around us until we can love and accept ourselves for exactly who we are.

Her book is called Create Abundance and it provides guidance to those who are seeking to create abundance within themselves and the world around them. She has worked with people all over the world helping them to find inner peace and healing from life’s wounds.

Zhang Xinyue author of Create Abundancehas said this:

“No human is ever free from a relationship. You have relationships with your family, friends as well as Divinity. You may escape from reality, but can you escape from your selfhood? You can practice only within a relationship, for there is nowhere to flee.”

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