Modern Office Design Ideas

Today’s worker has come to expect a unique work environment, and the right kind of improvements can do wonders to increase worker engagement. Being an attractive place to work is one of the key ideas behind building company culture, so an office with all the modern comforts is essential if you expect to retain quality talent.


Employees will expect things like a kitchen, but you can go the extra mile with a stocked refrigerator. Keeping plenty of healthy foods around, even if it’s just quality coffee and muffins, really goes a long way in showing you care. Plus, employees will appreciate storage for their lunches and a place to prepare food. Couple it with a comfortable lounge area and you may see a lot of laptops on lunch breaks.

Doors and Aesthetics

Modern office doors can be sleek and minimalist, or large and official looking. Wood is probably the best way to go, and try to match the doors with the rest of your office furniture. Remember that you can change the appearance of a door with some subtle accessories, like name plates or a brushed-metal doorknob.


It’s best to come up with three principle colors for the color scheme of your office. This could be as simple as color coordinating your logo, unless you have a lot of really bright colors. Many offices opt for earth tones for ease of coordination.

Final Thoughts

The design of your office space can influence everything from company culture to worker engagement. To remain competitive and secure top talent, be sure you put a lot of thought into your workspace.


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