Use This Tip to Bump Your Mobile Advertising

Localization is one of the fastest growing aspects of the mobile market. Users are acting on offers quickly, and geotargeting has evolved at a rapid pace to keep up with these changes. As a result, localization, and localizing offers, has become one of the most important aspects of managing your mobile campaigns.

With localization, you will see fewer bounces and an increase in clicks from interested audience members.

The Effect of Local

According to the IAB, Over half of mobile queries are related to a location. After seeking information about a local business, more than half of all people will call or visit whatever business they have looked up. They will visit that business’ website seeking more information at minimum.

There are two big opportunities presented here. The first is for a local business to compete with others in their niche. The second opportunity involves competition outside of the local area appealing to those within it. These may include digital incentives, but both approaches work well for reaching a wider audience.

Approaching Mobile

Mobile is not just a silo of your efforts. It’s a full-blown marketing channel and should be part of a multi-layered approach to media buying. Frequency is crucial, so do set a cap on the number of impressions your audience can see within 24 hours. In addition, your landing page should be optimized for mobile screens. This means all buttons and form fields are easily accessible, as it would be wise to minimize the amount of user action you require.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is the co-founder and CEO of engage:BDR, and is an active mentor in the Los Angeles startup scene. Ted Dhanik has experience launching brands with display advertising, building leads and business using direct marketing tactics. Contact Ted Dhanik through engage:BDR.

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