The Importance of a Real Estate Agent

Written by The Steele Group Sotheby’s International Realty

Hiring the services and advice of a real estate agent is crucial when it comes to buying, selling or negotiating any real estate transaction. A professional agent would be able to provide advice and guidance on the process to follow and on good deals.


Real estate agents have knowledge and insights on the market. They have also formed connections with their experience and thus are able to recommend reliable professionals in all aspects of the process. This includes loan officers, attorneys and home inspectors. A real estate agent would also be able to provide timely solutions to problems.

Knowledge of Market

Due to their knowledge of the real estate market, agents would be able to give opinions on the value or future value of an acquisition and determine whether the investment is worthwhile. A real estate agent would also be able to advise on whether the price set is a reasonable one.

Negotiation Edge

Both parties on the buyer or seller’s side tend to negotiate the price of properties. While the buyer is seeking the lowest price, the seller would be looking for the highest one. Agents are able to strike the right balance between the demands of both parties. They also help with required paperworks and protect the interest of their clients during negotiations.


Since real estate agents have a knowledge of the paperwork required in transactions, they would be able to ensure that the process has been carried out smoothly and that no important details have been missed.

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