The Benefits of Short Term Leasing a Car in Jordan

Written by: Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC

Summary: Short term leasing is an alternate option that is both cheaper and convenient for the customer.

Are you staying in Amman, Jordan for several weeks or even months? Short term leasing a car in Amman Jordan may be the right decision for you. It can help you save both money and avoid all the hassles of purchasing insurance. Now, the concept behind the process of short term leasing is that it’s a win-win for the country and for you. How? Simple, leasing new cars to tourists at a cheap rate brings in an influx of new cars that can be sold to citizens of Jordan.

The Benefits

Some of the benefits that short term leasing offers are that you save money because short-term leases are, more often than not, discounted as opposed to a daily rate. Many companies will throw in full comprehensive insurance for no extra charge. However, it should be noted that many short term leases are held to a minimum amount of time that you need to have the car for. For example, some car rentals in Jordan will only allow you to short term lease for a minimum of 21 days (or possibly higher).

Be cautious as you do not do business with an Amman rent a car company that does not have prior experience in short term leasing. Essentially, they could be creating a contract up as they go, forcing you to pay taxes, fees, and other hidden costs that you may not be wary of. Some of these salesmen can talk you into it with their charming personalities.

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