The Most Common Car Rental Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Rushing into a car rental purchase may be costly!

Amman“Jumping the gun” on a rental car may seem like it won’t come with any repercussions at first, but realistically, you could be essentially donating your money to the business without even realizing it. Here are some costly mistakes that many travelers make when it comes to car rentals.

Forgetting to Shop Around

Short term leasing a car in Amman Jordan seems like it’s an easy task. Just search for “rental car companies for Amman Jordan” and bingo, you’re done. However, it’s safe to say that not all rental companies are built the same. That one company that you’re about to do business with could be charging double than the other “not so popular” real business for the exact same model and the exact same contract. Shopping around never hurts so take your time.

Prepaying For Gas

This might seem extra convenient for you, since you don’t want to waste your time filling up at a gas station, but most car rentals in Jordan will jack up their prices when it comes to gas. Plus, if you’re not driving long distances, you may end up bringing the car back with practically a full tank, therefore wasting your money. Be sure that you read up on the company’s contract in regards to filling up the tank. Some companies will charge you a fee if the car isn’t filled to the exact location that they want you to have it at – even if it’s a hair away from where it should be.

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